Andrew Mitchell

Also known as PlanetVaster

About Me:

My name is Andrew Mitchell, I use the username PlanetVaster. I'm a programmer and I love to code. My favorite thing to do is code, and my favorite hobby is coding. Did I mention I like to code?

I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, and C++. I'm currently working on learning OpenGL. I make games for Android, PC, and the Web. I'd like to learn Java, and PHP, as well as some other programming languages.

My favorite color is Blue/Cyan. My favorite type of music is EDM. My favorite sport is soccer. I was born in and currently still live in Ohio, USA. In the future I plan to move to San Francisco, California because there are a lot of good programming jobs there.

I founded Fluxside Studios with my friend Martin Darazs (he goes by the username Jaggler3). I'm currently the CEO of Fluxside Studios. We've released one game so far called Leftie. We are currently working on a tower defense game for PC, and we're taking time off of Fluxside Studios to work on our own personal projects.